2nd Punta del Este Backgammon Tournament

Vivian Tausk receives the 2015 Punta del Este backgammon cup from previous holder Leo Boeing after beating Mauricio Mendalaoui in the final on 27 February. 

Eight players from five countries - Uruguay, Spain, Argentina, Germany and England - met in luxurious surroundings at Yoo by Philippe Starck, to drink excellent wines hand-delivered from Chile by Undurraga, and to eat a feast kindly supplied by Yoo.  Organised as a flexible Swiss tournament in which winners play winners and losers play losers, the four-hour Championship was played in great good humour and much conviviality, for example as the Spanish players described the noise when their usual group of half a dozen met to play chouette in Boca Chica. The venue of choice in the future will clearly be Yoo, however, as its high-end designer chic is perfectly suited to the favourite game of international celebrities such as Leonardo di Caprio, Keira Knightley, Pamela Anderson, Madonna, Nicole Kidman, the Prince of Monaco and of course the great Omar Sharif.


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Yoo Punta del Este

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