Live Carnival

yoo Punta del Este celebrated Carnival with two pool parties on Friday, February 8th Saturday, the 9th. On Friday, in the spectacular infinity pool surrounded by greenery, music by dj Bruno Leone of the Surbeats label played. There were champagne toasts, and to pamper oneself there were relaxing massages from the Spa and   manicures with the colors of  summer.

The party continued on Saturday with the iconic music of  Uruguayan deejay Fernando Picon. Also: champagne, Amazon Secrets Spa massages and Reina Mía fashion show,, which released its 2013 collection.

yoo Punta del Este combines design, luxury, comfort and exclusive events for a unique experience. Private parties for owners and tenants.

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Yoo Punta del Este

Since 1999, yoo is an international real estate company design and quality of international standing who has worked around the world with international developers in many residential projects Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America and the Middle East.

In EE.UU, yoo Metropica is a work of an award-winning team of international masters, including Oppenheim Architecture, yoo Studio, CI Design and EDSA.