Live elegance: Amar de Lafuente Fashion show

At sunset, yoo Punta del Este presented the new collection of Chilean designer Amar de Lafuente in the spectacular pool of the Tower, along with owners, tenants and friends.

Each  De LaFuente garment is unique. Each shawl is woven on handlooms in the mountains of Kashmir (Srinagar) and each has the signature of the family that makes it, an ancient tradition that is passed down  from generation to generation. Some of the shawls took up to two years to make. The quality, soft feel, the fall, the movement of each piece makes it a unique piece.

In this new collection, De Lafuente introduces the seven chakras of energy through the texture and colors in cashmere shawls, pashminas and old pashmina, some with knits and/or hand embroidery.

The designer, known for his creativity, high sensitivity and refinement, just returned from Sao Paulo where he presented his new collection at the Romero Brito Gallery.

yoo Punta del Este combines design, luxury, comfort and exclusive events for  a unique experience.

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Yoo Punta del Este

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